NewOrleansPotions Cosmetics 

I have created a cosmetic line to give people a little healthier choice for lip products. This website is to be able to show all my lip products.



About the Author

 One day I decided that I wanted to make my own, safe, chemical-free and all-natural cosmetics, free of toxic ingredients, heavy metals and waxes. I thought it would be a fun alternative. Since  I love to read, I began to search for anything  to help me get started. It didn't take long to discover that there was a lot of information out there but, I had to really search for it. There wasn't a single source, book or video that had it all. It took months of research to find what chemical-free ingredients to use, the tools needed to measure and blend the minerals, pigments and mica powders plus, the best places to buy the products, tools, jars and labels needed.  Not to mention that there were no recipes for blending colors. It took months of  trial and error blending to create recipes for all of my great products. In addition,

I currently own and operate a nail business in a New Orleans area salon. For over 35 years I have provided a complete range of spa services for hundreds of my clients. I try to be creative by giving my clients services and products that they can’t get anywhere except at my salon.

 Thanks for visiting my store,

 June B