• June B

Stop Licking Poison

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

We are“Eating” our lipstick every time we lick our lips .There's lead in most commercial over the counter lipsticks and because it's such a tiny amount . It's not considered unsafe.

My personal opinion would be I don't ever want to consume lead in any of my lipsticks. Read your ingredients and do a little research there are ingredients out there called the dirty or nasty list. A good tip would be to try to buy products with the least amount of ingredients in them. When you read the list of some of the ingredients they may sound a little scary for example Ricinus Commumis is the scientific name for Castor Oil which is found in almost all lipsticks so it does take time to do the research. I have created a line of natural lipsticks at my etsy shop neworleanspotions.

Another quick way would be just to search natural products for your cosmetics.

Hope this was helpful

Thanks June b

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