Coffee & Chicory  Cream Pure Mineral  lasting lipstick ( medium soft mauve brown )



* When Union naval blockades cut off the port of New Orleans, coffee supplies began to run low so New Orleanians - looking for their coffee fix - began mixing things with coffee to stretch out the supply including chicory along with acorns or beets. But adding chicory was the practice that survived.


Today, coffee with chicory is still common place in New Orleans. In fact, it's even moved into the cold brew coffee market as French Market Coffee offers a cold brew option.


*Orders are filled using large 7 gr mirrored lip gloss tube or 10ml pot

* No wax is used in the making of this product

* Bold color

* Long lasting

* Moisturizing 


*Ingredients= Pure Minerals- magnesium myristate (vegan), magnesium stearate(vegetable derived), calcium carbonate, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica powder, pigment oxide, organic castor oil, vitamin e, jojoba oil, vegan preservative cap 2

Coffee & Chicory