Fleur De Lis Pure Mineral Lip Stain ( Cream just a slight hint of shimmer )


People from outside New Orleans often ask us, "Why do we see so many fleur d lys here? What does the fleur mean?" The fleur de lys has been a symbol of New Orleans since its birth. Fleurs emblazoned French explorer's flag when Nouvelle Orleans was founded in 1717; decorated Mardi Grass Ball invitation in the 1820's; edged silver brooches in the 1890's; decorated marble facades in the 1920's and shine today on the football helmets in the Superdome. The fleur de lys is the most instantly recognized symbol of New Orleans, and Louisiana. Yet it remains a mysterious emblem veiled by centuries of history. Though we think of the fleur as a modern symbol of New Orleans, artists have been constantly re-interpreting and re-designing, this ancient glyph over the centuries. Thus we find countless different styles of fleur de lys. These visual fragments of New Orleans embody a unique history. At Fleur d' Orléans we celebrate this unique design heritage while at the same time urging visitors and residents alike to discover it for themselves all over this unique city.


Long Lasting pure mineral lip stain. My lip stain last 4 to 6 hours of great color. 


Doesn't bleed

Last 4 to 6 hours

Pure Mineral


*Ingredients= Pure Minerals- magnesium myristate (vegan), magnesium stearate(vegetable derived), calcium carbonate, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica powder, pigment oxide, organic castor oil, vitamin e, jojoba oil, vegan preservative cap 2l

Fleur De Lis