New Orleans Potions Nawlins  lip stain is a dark shrimpy color, or a dark peach


*New Orleans Potions Lip Stains come in a 10 gram pot this is 2 and a half times the size of lipsticks. Plus a retractable lip brush


*N'awlins is a slang word for pronouncing New Orleans


*New Orleans Potions Lip Stains Last 4 to 6 hours

*You may need to re apply after eating 

*It does not dry out your lips, because of the castor oil & vitamin e it is moisturizing 

*New Orleans Potions lip Stains don't bleed so no need for lip liner 


Ingredients: magnesium stearate, magnesium myristate, calcium carbonate, castor oil, vitamin e,

 vegan cap 2, titanium dioxide, red #27 and red oxide